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How Big Is paxos?

What Is Paxos Like – Simply A Stunning Greek Island

An introductory post where I give you my headline feelings about Paxos – quite literally what it is like being in Paxos. This post on its own might convince you to take the plunge a book a wonderful holiday to Paxos.

This was the first post that I wrote so is the freshest as it was the post that I wrote the soonest after getting back from Paxos after my second visit.

Paxos – How To Get There – This Is How We Did It On Our Own

You can get a package holiday or make your own way there – guess what we did?

Should I drive a hire boat to Antipaxos from Paxos?

Well why not? Paxos might be small, but Antipaxos is much smaller. And just as stunning. So yes, why not take a boat from Paxos to Antipaxos? More on this later.

Paxos airport – everything you ever need to know guaranteed!

OK – there is no airport on Paxos. I had to chuck in this not so serious post, in which I do describe Corfu Airport for you all. But people do search Paxos airport on Google, so they clearly need my help to answer this search query!

When is the best time to visit Paxos?

Very important information – Paxos has a rather short season. Go at the wrong time of year and you will find it pretty much shut down, although to be fair it is not as easy to get there out of season.

Paxos Car Rental – Everything You Need To Know

I rented a car on Paxos, and in this post I tell you from my personal experiences everything that you need to know to help you not only rent a car but also to enjoy it. And I will tell you some of the things to avoid based on my experiences!!

Paxos Travel Guide – Getting Around The Island

Exploring as much of the island as possible is a must for someone like me. This is why I loved Paxos so much – it is such a small island that it is possible to get to most parts of it, you get the chance to thoroughly explore the whole of an island!

Paxos Hotels With Pool – Essential For The Hot Summer Months!

Very important. This post was inspired by Hotel Bastas, which has a fantastic swimming pool which you access via a footbridge. Not every hotel will have such a great pool but there are other hotels with swimming pools on Paxos. And I tell you which they are in this post.

Paxos Mobile Phone Signal – And What About WiFi?

In this day and age one of the first things people ask on arrival anywhere be it a bar, restaurant or hotel is this – can I have the WiFi code please? Now I am worried about the WiFi obsessed generation, but who am I to judge? Important info and plot spoiler alert – you can get WiFi all over Paxos. Find out more about this and the mobile phone signal in this post.

Paxos FAQ

A nice easy one. All the frequently asked questions that I could think of in one post. This is one of my most popular posts giving people the information they want quickly and simply.

The next set of posts are extracted from a daily journal that I kept during our two week stay on Paxos. I wanted to capture what it is really like not only getting there but being there. I recorded everything that we did, everywhere we went, everywhere we ate.

I always forget places, meals, good things so for the first time in my life I have recorded everything.

Paxos Holidays – Part 1 Day 1 – Getting To Corfu From The UK

It is very easy to assume that anyone thinking of holidaying abroad knows what it is like getting to the airport and the all the stuff that goes with foreign travel. There will be people who are not familiar with all of this though, so I have described getting to Corfu from the UK in this post.

Paxos Greece Holidays – Part 2 Day 1 – Corfu to Paxos

And when you are travelling to Paxos getting to Corfu is not the end of the line. As I said earlier, there is no airport on Paxos, so you have to get a boat to the island. Most people take a ferry from the New Port in Corfu Town, but what is this like? Find out in this post.

Lakka Paxos Holidays – Days 3 and 4 – starting to move!

Yes not sure what happened to day 2. Oh no I remember – nothing happened. Day 2 was recovering from travel, general life and getting into the swing of things Paxos style. Day three was equally relaxing, but on day 4 I managed to start to move!

Day 5 on Paxos – Gaios or Lakka?

Choices choices. And Gaios got the nod. Well we had not left Lakka fro four days so it was time. And time to introduce the Paxos bus service to you in this post, and what Gaios is like for a couple of hours.

Holidays in Lakka Paxos – what are they really like – day 6 & 7

By days 6 we have really settled into our holiday on Paxos, so it is time to reflect on exactly what it is like holidaying on Paxos.

Remember that these posts are produced from the daily journal that I wrote every day, and I mean every day.

So these posts are how I felt at the time.

How to get Sunrise Photos of Paxos Greece – Day 8 on Paxos

Time for me to get up early and photograph a sunrise. This is my thing that I love doing on my own. On this post I will show you the image I created, and what it is like getting up before the sunrise and heading off out all alone to capture a sunrise somewhere.

Photographing Paxos island sunrise – then relaxing – days 9 and 10

Another sunrise shoot and then it this time to relax again. The beauty of Paxos being so small is that you can quickly get to other parts of the island on foot and back again and still have time for an hours kip before getting up for breakfast!

Paxos Boat Hire – Do Your Own Trip From Paxos To Antipaxos

The reason for a couple of days relaxing was to prepare ourselves for the big day out. In this post I write about a great day out on a rental boat and the trip from Lakka at the top end of Paxos to Antipaxos and back – thankfully! And the case of the missing t-shirt.

Paxos Car Hire – What I Did In 48 hours – days 12 and 13

2 days, 2 sunrises and lots else in-between. I have already told you what you need to know to rent a car on Paxos, and in this post I will tell you what it is like to drive a car on Paxos and what I got up to, including my favourite place on Paxos.

Did we discover Paxos Greece? Yes, but now it’s time to go!

Sadly all holidays come to an end, so this is the account of our last day and going home. Boo hiss.

That is my travel journal done. Now for some longer in-depth posts that give you more information about specific things on Paxos.

Tripitos Arch Paxos – My Number 1 Thing To Do On Paxos

Yes this really was my favourite thing to visit and photograph on Paxos. I won’t go on here, there is lots on the post for you to read.

11 Best Things To Do In Paxos

I have told you my number one thing to do on Paxos, how about I add another 10 things to that list. These are all things that I have done myself, so are entirely things that I liked doing.

Paxos Beaches

We are talking about a Greek Island after all, and the beaches are a big part of any holiday to a Greek Island. On this post I list and describe all the beaches on Paxos. There are quite a few of them, and some of them are completely deserted, it seems no one goes to them at all!

Antipaxos Greece – Everything You Need To Know

This post is pretty much self-explanatory – I tell you everythingI have experienced and also found about all about this even smaller than Paxos Greek Island.

15 Free Things For You To Do In Paxos Greece

Yes there are lots of things that you can do on Paxos that do not cost a penny, or should I say cent. This is 15 things that you can do starting with the magnificent Tripitos Arch of course.

How Big is Paxos?

Well it is a fundamental question which I answer using the power of Google!

Check Out My Paxos YouTube Channel

Yes I have a YouTube channel just about Paxos – well why not?

I hope that you enjoy my Paxos blog.

Rick McEvoy