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What Is That Lovely Noise All About In The Trees In Paxos??

You know that noise in the trees? The soundtrack to Paxos and many other Greek Islands? Exactly what is making that noise, and why?

The wonderful sound that you can hear in the trees in Paxos is the male Cicada, singing from the trees to attract a mate. They have a unique way of generating that sound using tymbals on the side of their abdomen. The sound can be heard all around the island, from early morning to the evening, and is one of those tell tale signs that you are in a special place like Paxos.

I have heard these chaps many, many times but never seen one. So I followed the noise and found this little chap in a tree singing away happily!

Cicadas singing in Paxos

And having found one for the first time I soon found another little fella singing his heart out!

Another cicada singing his heart out for love!

What are cicadas?

Insects that provide a lovely soundtrack to any holiday in Paxos. I could give you more info but I am happy just knowing that.

Why do they make this noise?

They are trying to attract a mate. It is the blokes singing away trying to find a loved one. Now you cannot fault their effort or commitment, but I wonder if they have tried other methods?

Are they found anywhere else?

I don’t really know or care. They are found all over the wonderful Greek Island of Paxos, and elsewhere in Greece, and I am sure further afield.

But I am happy knowing that they are here in wonderful Paxos.


Enjoy the soundtrack to your Paxos visit. Listen out for them, find them look at them, marvel at them. As I was sat here writing this post, at 7:15pm enjoying the late sunshine, they all stopped. It is all quiet and I now miss that sound….. enjoy the silence….. I guess they have gone to bed now for a sleep and to rest for another day of courting.

Post update – another day and they are still singing away at 9pm. Maybe they just stopped for dinner…..

Enjoy the sound of the cicadas!

Rick McEvoy – Paxos Travel Guide


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