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Paxos Bus Timetable 2019 – What Is The Bus Service Like?

Hi everybody. Having just returned to Gaios I am finally able to provide the Paxos Bus Timetable for 2019. In this post as well as telling you the bus times will also tell you everything I know about getting the bus in Paxos, and what it is really like!

Firstly, here is a photo of the bus timetable from the bus stop in Gaios.

Obviously this is a bit faded, but you get the idea!

And here is a Pdf of the bus times that you can download and take with you.

Where does the bus go on Paxos?

The bus route is quite simple.

  • Gaios – Loggos – Lakka
  • Lakka – Loggos – Lakka

(be careful as the 2pm bus from Lakka goes straight to Gaios missing out Loggos).

Why does the bus not go anywhere else on the island?

Well Lakka, Loggos and Gaios are the three biggest places on Paxos.

With Gaios being the biggest by some margin. Gaios is the capital of the island.

And remember that the population of Paxos is only 2500!

How big is Paxos?

Well I wrote a post titled “How Big Is Paxos” which tells you this.

Quite small is the answer!

Where are the bus stops?

Here is a map where I have marked the three locations.

And here are the bus stop locations

Bus stop in Lakka

The bus stop in Lakka is located in the central village square by the ATM. I have put a red cross on the map of Lakka (courtesy of Google Maps) so you can see exactly where it is.

Bus stop in Loggos

The bus stop in Loggos is located by the main car park down at the waterfront. Here is a map with a red cross showing the location.

Bus stop in Gaios

The bus stop in Gaios is located next to the main supermarket in Gaios. Again I have marked this on a map. The bus stop is about a five-minute walk away from the wonderful waterfront and the centre of Gaios.

I wrote a post titled Paxos Travel Guide – Getting Around The Island which gives you more info.

This is the bus stop in Gaios.

Check out this a video of me in Gaios August 2019 where I show you what the bus stop and indeed the taxi rank are like!

Excuse the quality but it was very hot that day!!

What is the bus trip like?

It is a really good thing to do. The service is very prompt, and the bus is very clean.

A very nice lady takes your fare and gives you your tickets. Now we have been told that she gets a bit grumpy if you don’t have the correct change, but we have never seen this. She has always been perfectly friendly.

Obviously the correct change is always helpful so please be considerate and try not to turn up for the bus with just a €50 note!

And please take your rubbish with you!

And don’t be surprised if there is a local sat in the front seat chatting to the driver and nice lady enjoying a cigarette!

I always like to get a seat at the front if possible, so I can see the views ahead and to the sides. Obviously it being a bus you are higher up than in a car, and it is surprising how much more of the island you can see that you have never seen before.

And the highlight of the bus trip for me is driving from the bus stop in Loggos along the waterfront, where the bus is nearly touching the tables of the restaurants it is that tight!

I wish I had taken a video of this – something to do next time I go back.

It seriously is an amazing experience, not so good if you are sat at one of the tables closest to the road mind!

How much is the bus fare?

€2.50 from Lakka to Gaios. And the same back!

What is the bus like?

Well there are two buses, the day bus is a large bus that I have never seen more than ¾ full, and there is smaller mini-bus for the later service – by that time on Paxos most people are probably where they are going to be for the day!!!

Which we are which, is why we have never seen it! Paxos is that kind of island.

No booking required but get to the bus stop early to get a good seat.

Do the bus times connect with the ferry?

Yes, the early morning bus gets you to Gaios in time for the ferry Illida 2.

Please check the day before to make sure that this is happening. If it does not you will have a 10/ 15-minute walk from the bus stop by the supermarket to the new port. The walk is down a gentle hill along the waterfront so is not a problem.

Is there a bus on Antipaxos?

Erm no.

OK – that is everything you need to know about the Paxos bus service.

Check out the video that accompanies this post

I have recorded a video titled “Paxos Bus Timetable 2019 And Taxi Information Filmed On Location In Gaios” which you can find on my Paxos Travel Guide You Tube channel which accompanies this post.

Want to know more about Paxos?

I hope that you have found this helpful. If you would like to find out more about Paxos then please head over to my home page where I go through all the pages on this site with links so you can straight get to the stuff you want to.

Yamas from me in Gaios!


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