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What Is Loggos, Paxos Like? Let Me Show You In These Video Walkthroughs!

I want to show you the three main places in Paxos – in this post it is all about Loggos.

Loggos is a lovely village located on the east coast of Paxos to the north of Gaios. Loggos has a stunning waterfront with lots of bars, restaurants and lovely boutique shops. You can also stay in Loggos in one of the many villas and apartments. And Loggos hosts the spectacular sight of the bus driving along the waterfront road right by the restaurant tables!

Here are the videos of Loggos that I recorded this year.

Loggos video 1 – This is me introducing Loggos to you – how lovely of me!

Loggos video 2 – walking in from the road from Lakka

In this video I have parked the car on the road from Lakka just up from the supermarket. I walk down one of my favourite side streets to the waterfront and along the front all the way to the bakery telling you what I know and the places that we have been to.

Loggos video 3 – the waterfront

I am stood on the wall between the main car park and the beach by the bus stop and give you a short video showing you exactly what the lovely view is. And it is lovely!

Loggos video 4 – walking down from the other side.

Here I start at the foot of the road from Gaios and walk down to the bakery showing you lots of good stuff along the way.

And that is my video guide to Loggos.

How do I get to Loggos?

There is one road that goes into Loggos from the Gaios side, through the village and up to the main central road at the junction with the road to Lakka.

There is a car park that fills up quickly, meaning that most people end up parking on the side of the road, the further away you park the busier it is!

You can walk into Loggos, although I have never done this…

And you can of course get there by boat!

You can get the bus that runs from Lakka to Gaios via Loggos which I heartily recommend, especially the bit where the boat goes along the tight, waterfront road.

What else can you do in Loggos?

You can hire a boat for the day. There are plenty of places to hire boats from, and this year we used Spiros Boat Hire. The year before we used Panos Boat Hire. Both are great and I can personally recommend them.

Paddleboarding in the sheltered waters looks great and something I will be trying next year.

Other than that just mooch about and see what you can find.

Eating in Loggos

There are lots of restaurants in Loggos serving Greek and Italian food, with the odd full English breakfast thrown in for good measure. There are of course restaurants on the front but don’t ignore the side streets where there are some real gems.

Drinking in Loggos

Lots of places to drink too. We love the Roxi Bar with its waterfront seating area, lovely friendly service and a balcony upstairs with great views!

Other bars are of course available.

Shopping in Loggos

There are a few lovely boutique shops selling all sorts of local loveliness – have a nice slow browse and you will find some great souvenirs and trinkets to take home.

That’s all from me.

This post is all about the videos which I hope give you a great insight into exactly what lovely Loggos is like, and lovely it is!

Rick McEvoy – Paxos Travel Guide


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