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Check Out My Paxos YouTube Channel

Videos are all the rage these days. And I am getting into this finally.

So please check out my Paxos YouTube Channel, which I have imaginatively called Paxos Travel Guide. Well why not. On this YouTube channel you will be able to view all the videos I took on Paxos, as well as me talking about every post on my website.

This channel is not about the quality of the videos, it is about me and the genuineness of the content.

That is code for – never mind the quality but enjoy the content, message, sentiment and feeling.

Content will be added on a regular basis until I run out!

How do I get to this YouTube channel?

Simple – just click on the name Paxos Travel Guide YouTube Channel and you should be straight there.

Is the channel finished?

I don’t know if this will ever be finished, as by the time I have uploaded everything that I have onto the channel I hope to be back in Paxos creating more content.

I am already looking forward to visiting Paxos again this year.

Why have I created a YouTube channel?

Ask anyone who knows, and they will tell that video is the future. That was why I started looking into video creation, and in doing this I learned something very interesting.

People like video content on the internet.

Video content is a much more personable form of online communication. Watching someone in a video you learn so much more about them as a person.

My website is all about me and my personal experiences on Paxos. So any way that I can help people relate to me and what I am saying is a bonus.

What videos are going to be added to the channel?

There are two parts to this. Well three actually but two main ones.

  • Videos taken on my iPhone (and one video taken with my Canon 6D).
  • Videos where I am talking into the camera. Now if you check these out you might discover that I am not a gifted presenter – media training and I have never met! But what you will get is actual me.

Actual me – this is important to me

My website is all about me and my personal experiences on the wonderful Greek Island of Paxos. So I want you good folk to know who I am, and video is the best way to do this. That or travel the world saying hi to everyone, which would be nice but is not quite practical!

How are the videos created?

As I said I am relatively new to video, having spent over 30 years taking still photos. All I have done is take videos on my iPhone, which is a pretty awesome device for quickly capturing video content.

The ones where I am speaking to the camera are taken in my office with my iPhone sat on one of my tripods.

What are the videos of?

I have tried to create videos which give you a flavour of what a place is actually like. I also record the process of my camera taking photos, which I love doing I have to be honest with you.

And there is the odd video of me on location talking into my iPhone – this is the thing that I am going to do much more of.

These are mainly advising you to take a bottle of water with you if you are going to out exploring at 1pm in 35 degrees plus heat – something which I failed to do surprisingly often.

There are also some videos of the sun rising – this is something that I am working on for other projects – I have just mastered the 30-minute sunrise video!!

And then there are the videos which I recorded in my office where I am talking about a single subject. I am going to record many more of these – there will be videos where I talk about each post and page on my website.

This is the first video that I recorded in my office

The first video where I was talking to my phone in my office is this one, Welcome to my website Paxos Travel Guide.

This gives you a flavour of the content and who I am!

Do I have any other YouTube channels?

Yes – I am so glad that you asked that.

I have another channel called Rick McEvoy Photography – you can get to this channel at this link HERE. On this channel you will find lots more stuff, including me talking about my weekly photography blog post. There are also lots of other locational videos – the quality is getting better.

Please check out this channel and subscribe if you find the content remotely helpful. This is all about photography, me, my photos and photography basics.

And going forwards

I will be creating other channels to accompany future projects, one of which I have started work on. For any news about what I am up to please check out my weekly photography blog.


OK – that is all for now – as YouTube is a visual media I thought I would keep the words to a minimum.

Please check out my YouTube channel, and please subscribe if you like the content. And finally please check back to see what I have added to my channel.

I know – I am so demanding!

Thanks for reading this post about my brave new world of video content.

Want to know more about Paxos?

I hope that you have found this post helpful, informative and even a little bit entertaining! To find out more about my favourite, wonderful Greek island all you need to do is click here and I will take you straight back to the start of my Paxos blog. Nice and easy!

Oh yes, I hope that you enjoy the next post.

Rick McEvoy


I am a photographer, website creator and writer based in the UK. I spend as much time as possible expoloring the Greek Islands. This website is entirely my own work, and all opinions are my own. The content of this website is created from personal experiences as a paying customer visiting this wonderful Greek Island in my own time and at my own expense.

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